3 Ways to Protect Your Feet

Your feet carry the load of your entire body throughout your lifetime. Even if you aren’t an endurance athlete running thousands of extra miles over the course of your life, it is estimated that you’ll still walk the distance of traveling around the Earth four times. When your feet aren’t supported, it impacts every joint above them — and, that’s a lot of joints! You don’t get replacement feet, so you’ve got to take care of the ones you’ve got. In today’s post, we’ll offer a few suggestions to help you protect your feet at work and at play, so you can continue to be on your feet well into your golden years without slowing down.

Choose Function Over Fashion

Every time we hear the old adage “fashion over comfort” or “style hurts,” we cringe. Over the centuries people have maimed their feet in the name of style. Chinese women would begin wrapping their feet at very young ages to keep their feet small and feminine, and in many cultures, women choose to wear high heels that add height and give the illusion of longer, leaner legs, at the cost of throwing off their center of gravity and causing stress on their ankles, knees, and hips. Footwear should provide support for your feet and never be painful. While some leather shoes may require time to soften, even when footwear is new, it should be comfortable right away — don’t believe that you need to break them in!

Pick Based on Materials

When selecting your footwear, choose high-quality materials that won’t break down or alter the way they fit. For runners, your footwear should allow your feet to breathe and have tough rubber soles that won’t wear off. For laborers that run the risk of equipment falling on their feet, there is no substitute for strong carbon-fiber in the toes of boots. Healthcare professionals depend on high-quality leather that won’t allow spilled body fluids to make contact with the foot, and will withstand regular sanitizing with anti-microbial chemicals. If you think about saving money by selecting footwear that is less expensive because they are made with sub-par materials, consider the amount you’ll spend replacing those shoes in half the time you would if you invested in good quality, well-made footwear.

Fortify With Durable Insoles

To add extra protection to any shoe, invest in durable shock-absorbing insoles like those made by Americule. The tapered support of the thin material allows you to stand and walk comfortably all day, which helps improve your gait and thwart off joint issues. The breathable, antimicrobial material prevents bacterial growth. The best part about shoe inserts is that they can be added to any footwear! Invest in the protective shoes that work for your sport or job, and simply size and insert the insole for added protection and comfort.

At Americule, we pride ourselves on making quality materials that are built to last. Our polymer is used in a variety of applications that depend on strength and durability. As a company full of hard-working manufacturers and Colorado-native runners and mountain climbers, we noticed a practical use for our material and created JMAC Shock-Absorbing insoles. Our shoe inserts provide foot and joint protection as well as superior comfort that helps you work harder and play longer. When you invest in foot protection, you invest in your overall wellness and quality of life. Try our insoles out for yourself today!