5 Things No Healthcare Worker Should Leave Home Without


Whether you are a technician processing samples in a hospital lab, an MRI technologist in a free-standing medical imaging clinic, a neonatologist running your community’s NICU, or any support personnel that keeps the American healthcare system working, we know how much of yourself you give. From long hours on your feet and little to no breaks, grabbing a bite to eat on the go, and holding your bladder for hours on end, the discipline and selflessness you possess are immeasurable. To help you do your job better and more comfortably, there are few things you should never leave home without. Join us in today’s post as we detail some of the simple things that can make a big difference and should be part of your everyday uniform.


Seems minor and insignificant, until you need it. It’s amazing how quickly your lips will chap when you go without food or water for a while and you have to talk to patients. You’ll appreciate your chapstick even more so when you find yourself wearing a mask shift after shift. Pro tip – make sure it’s minty chapstick and you can apply it before a particularly odiferous task and breath in a better scent — thank you, menthol. You may also want to consider some spearmint gum or mints for the same dual-purpose reasons.

A Pen

Even in the digital world, it’s important to always have a pen on your person. You never want to find yourself fumbling for a pen and relying on a stressed out patient family member or your busy nurse to supply you one. It is just professional to carry a ballpoint pen, and when you carry your own, you can ensure it writes the way you’d like and is clean. It’s also wise to keep something to write on as well. A small notebook or Post-It notes are small and convenient.

A Fully-Charged Cell Phone

It’s a risky game leaving your house with a partially-charged phone because you just never know when you’ll be back. Will your shift runs long or will you need to be on your phone more than expected, burning up the battery? Why risk it and watch helplessly as the battery drains. If you can, having a charger with you is a great idea for on-the-go. If you’re able to charge your phone in the car on the way to work, that’s even better.

A Full Water Bottle

Whether or not you grab a cup of joe on the way to work or you’ve had a full meal to get you started, never leave home without a full bottle of cold, refreshing water. Ideally, the water bottle should seal and keep the internal temperature. As you likely know already, you don’t want to count on water fountains, and keeping hydrated is one of the most important self-care steps you can take. While you’re at it, grab a healthy snack you can have later too — you never know how long you’ll have to go before you can refuel, and it’s never fun to be at the mercy of the grab-and-go snacks in the breakroom.

Comfortable Shoes and Shoe Inserts

There is, quite literally, nothing more important for those long shifts where stress is high and breaks are impossible than a comfortable pair of shoes and a set of shock-absorbing insoles. We are big advocates of choosing comfort over style, but are also well-aware that in today’s shoe world, it really is possible to have both! Once you have your favorite shoes, optimize your comfort with JMAC shock-absorbing shoe inserts that help you and your joints remain comfortable your entire shift — even if you pull a double.

At JMAC, we are here to support those who care for others and specialize in absorbing the stress of being on your feet all day. Our insoles are antimicrobial and cut-to-fit any shoe. Made of proprietary polymer material, our shoe inserts are durable and have superior material memory. To learn more about our insoles, visit us online. Shop our entire product line and take advantage of our special offers today.