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Who we are

Welcome, we are glad you found Americule’s JMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe Inserts. At Americule Inc., we have been developing extreme abrasion-resistant polyurethane products since the early 1990s. Our quality products are used across a variety of industries to make various end products. We recently developed an ultra-soft, highly shock-absorbent, nearly indestructible proprietary thermoelastic polymer, that is comfortable to stand and walk on. Knowing what we know about the human body — wear and tear, and comfort — we created our JMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe Inserts. Our insoles offer unparalleled impact reduction, which makes them perfect for runners, laborers, and anyone who stands or walks.

Our small Colorado company is founded on premium products and excellent customer service. We are dedicated to the continued improvement of all our products, to help our fellow man. Let us help keep you moving.

Brown and black leather hiking shoes. Photo by Tim Foster for Unsplash.
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Our Mission

Americule’s mission is to manufacture quality elastomeric urethane products, take care of our customers from ‘cradle to grave,’ continue to improve the manufacturing process for better products, a safer working environment and to be as environmentally friendly as technologically feasible.

Our Vision

Our goal is that your feet don’t impede you from living life to the fullest. The JMAC’s unparalleled impact reduction and superior durability make them a great fit in any shoe. We hope you’ll find comfort for your sole.

Our Values

Our small, family-owned and operated manufacturing company at the foot of the Rocky Mountains values God, families (ours and yours) and the freedoms our fathers and grandfathers fought for and won for our country. We take pride in our work and our JMAC shoe inserts are made entirely in the United States.

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