Anatomy of Effective Shoe Insert

Like the shoes they are put in, not all insoles are created equal. The different qualities and product features that make up the shoe inserts set them apart from their competitors and offer different solutions to consumers. If you are suffering from foot or joint pain, you want your shoes to be more comfortable, or you’re simply looking for a solution to being on your feet all day, if you perform a quick internet search for “effective shoe inserts” you are sure to be inundated with a plethora of shoe insert options. If you are like the average consumer and you aren’t sure what you are, or should be, looking for in a shoe insert, join us in today’s post as we offer some insight into the anatomy of an effective shoe insert and what qualities matter.

Superior Material

The material matters! Some insoles are made of flimsy fabric, foam, gel, or a variety of other materials. These various materials offer different benefits. However, you should know that most of these materials offer a low-priced insert because they are low-quality materials that may be comfortable for a short time after purchase, but will mold and buckle under pressure, leaving a perfect impression of your foot. If your insert can’t last as long as your shoe, it’s not worth it regardless of how inexpensive it is.

Americule Impact Material (AIM™) offers superior comfort and impact reduction. In fact, AIM absorbs 92% of shock with each step. Additionally, AIM offers material memory recall, meaning it returns to its original shape between each step — it doesn’t warp or mold. The proprietary polymer formulation offers superior durability that won’t break down over time. Simply put, AIM is a better material than foam or gel alternatives.

Shape and Volume

Some shoe inserts are meant to replace the manufacturer’s insole, while others serve a more orthotic purpose, and others promise stability and support. Some things you’ll need to consider are the shape and volume of the new shoe inserts. Some are for half of your foot, providing either heel support or pad cushion. You’ll want to try these on with your insoles to ensure they won’t rub on your foot or cause your shoes to no longer fit.

JMAC shoe inserts feature a tapered shape that offers 0.25 to 0.125 heel-to-toe comfort and minimal volume for a slim profile that fits in any shoe without altering the fit. They can be used in addition to or to replace the manufacturer’s insoles, or can even be combined with arch support orthotics. Our shoe inserts are full-foot and feature cut-to-fit grooves that make them easy to shape precisely to any shoe.

Practical Features

You’ll want to consider the practical features that matter to you based on the reason you are shopping for shoe inserts. Are you active for fun or work — hike, run, cycle, or work on your feet? Do your feet and joints ache, or do you suffer from hot spots, pressure points, or overall discomfort? Some of the features that JMAC insoles offer include:

  • Non-Slip Material – stays in place in any shoe
  • Antimicrobial – Recovery5-Ultra™ fabric prohibits bacteria and fungal growth to keep your feet fresh
  • Fabric Covered – reduces sweat and improves comfort
  • Completely Washable – hand wash and hang dry for best results


Anatomy of JMAC Shoe Inserts


Get What You Need From JMAC Shock Absorbing Insoles

At Americule, we created impact absorbing insoles to solve the complaints and respond to the suggestions from customers using other shoe inserts to create the ultimate in comfort for those who work or play on their feet. For endurance athletes, public servants, and laborers alike, these shoe inserts are for you. Visit us online to learn more and take advantage of our current specials.