JMAC Shoe Inserts

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At JMAC, we offer shock absorbing insoles made of our proprietary polyurethane formulation from our parent company, Americule. We are looking for distributors, influencers, and brand ambassadors to partner with to get our product in the shoes of those who can benefit the most. Our insoles can fit in any shoe, maximizing their comfort. To partner with us, connect with us today!

Our Products

This version of our flagship product sports an antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, non-allergenic top fabric for comfort and quality.


Offer Our Insoles to Enhance Wellness
As a foot care provider — podiatrist, pedorthist, or orthopedist — you are always looking for the best foot care options for your patients. You provide a lot of patient education on how to prevent foot injuries and promote optimal foot health, which helps the overall health and wellness of your patients. The JMAC shock-absorbing insoles are great for patients with pressure-sensitive areas or protrusions on their feet because the proprietary polymer formula forms to their foot and then retains its flexible shape once the pressure is relieved. These shoe inserts can be used with orthotics without impeding the function of them while making each step more comfortable and absorbing up to 92% of force. Another added benefit is the antimicrobial properties and the fact that they are completely washable. This means your patients can still use prescribed powders or creams without damaging the insole and the JMAC inserts won’t harbor bacteria or fungus.

If you’d like to become a distributor of JMAC insoles and offer them to your patients in your office, we’d love to partner with you. Contact us for more information today.

Shoe Stores

Upsell With Our Insoles

JMAC shock absorbing shoe inserts make the perfect end-cap item at your shoe store. For customers tempted to choose fashion over comfort, now they can have their cake and eat it too. Our tapered design is tailored for full foot impact reduction and provides heel to toe comfort in shoes from leather loafers to steel-toed construction boots and everything in between.

One of our most popular uses is for distance runners seeking shock absorption to reduce knee and joint pain related to the high impact of their chosen sport. JMAC shock absorbing shoe inserts absorb more than 92% of impact, dissipating the energy that would otherwise impact the athlete’s joints.

Partner our polyurethane insoles with any shoes and pair of fashion socks for all day comfort your customers are looking for. Contact us to get our product on your shelves, and let us help upsell any pair of shoes.

Sporting Good Stores

Setting Your Customers Up For Success

Sporting good stores offer plenty of opportunity for our shock absorbing insoles to make their way into the footwear of those who can most benefit! Your hiking boots, running shoes, snow boots, waders, and athletic shoes provide some support and can help reduce impact of hiking and sports, but adding JMAC insoles offers additional benefits. 

JMAC shoe inserts can help reduce the impact of walking on uneven terrain, absorb the shock of continual movement, and are created with Recovery5-Ultra™ for antimicrobial support. Combat bacteria and fungus that are common in warm, moist environments, like the sealed shoes of an athlete or hunter. Fully washable, these insoles retain their comfort even when they are wet. 

You prepare them for their adventures, and we will help make them comfortable — a partnership that benefits all.

Uniform Stores

Supporting Those Who Work

At uniform stores, including scrub shops, school uniform stores, sport uniform shops, culinary uniform stores, and military uniform or surplus stores, you sell all the clothing, shoes, and accessories necessary for a particular profession. You really have no control over how comfortable required uniforms are. However, we all know that long hours on your feet can result in on-the-job injuries that could otherwise be avoided. Support those who work long hours by providing them access to our shock absorbing shoe inserts that can make their uniforms comfortable for their entire shift.

Our JMAC insoles are created for those who clock long hours on their feet, whether walking or standing. The superior durability of our proprietary polymer shoe insoles outlast even the best uniform shoe on the market. Let’s set your customers up for success by partnering together.


Provide Comfort for Their Sole

For aches and pains, or preventative self-help, many Americans turn to you — their corner pharmacy. You have shelves full of pain medication, compression socks, epsom salt soak, and a variety of arch support shoe insoles. Unlike the foam or gel shoe inserts, JMAC shock absorbing shoe inserts are made with Americule’s proprietary polymer formulation. Proven to withstand weight and pressure without giving, our insoles are made to prevent pain and injury and help conditions that already exist. 

What’s better yet, our Recover5-Ultra™ is non-allergenic and antimicrobial, meaning you can feel confident recommending it to your most sensitive customers. At JMAC, our goal is to help people live their lives to the fullest by offering unparalleled impact reduction and superior durability to bring comfort to your soles. When you partner with us, we can deliver this promise to your customers and keep them trusting your suggestions for self-care.

Brand Ambassadors and Influencers

Become an Ambassador or Influencer

Don’t have a shop, but looking for brands to partner with as an ambassador or influencer? JMAC needs you! We are looking for customers who have felt the benefits of our shoe inserts to help us get the word out about the remarkable shock absorbing power of our polymer shoe inserts. 

JMAC is a small, family-owned and operated manufacturing company in Colorado. We value God, American freedoms, and providing comfort for all soles. We strive to continually improve our company and processes to create safer working environments and to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Try our ultra-comfortable shoe inserts for yourself, and partner with us for a symbiotic relationship that builds mutual followers and trust. Connect with us today!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I’ve been wearing your inserts religiously, and they still feel like I’m walking on clouds! They’re very comfortable for my every day use, but most especially for my workdays.”

– Tyler P.

“A few weeks ago I suffered a foot injury from playing volleyball. I took the insoles out of my sneaker and put it in the boot- such a difference! It was so much more comfortable to walk in the boot after adding the JMAC for comfort.”


“216.45 miles running on them and they are still doing well! My knees love them!”

– Kristine O.

Made by Americule

Americule is a manufacturer of extreme abrasion-resistant elastomeric urethane products. Applying the technology used in the manufacturing industry and readapting it into something functional like shoe inserts, thus emerged JMAC insoles. Discover the unparalleled comfort of our inserts for yourself and partner with us to build each other’s brand.