Frequently Asked Questions

What are JMAC inserts made of?

JMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe Inserts are manufactured with Americule Impact Material (AIM™), an ultra-soft unique proprietary thermoelastic polymer. For more information about AIM™, Click Here

Are JMAC inserts latex free?

Yes. JMAC insoles are primarily comprised of a polyurethane compound, and as such contain NO latex.

Do I put JMAC inserts above or below my existing insole?

Either! Some people prefer to place their existing insole over the JMAC insert to help protect it, but it is completely up to you.  For more in-depth instructions on proper use of JMAC insoles, Click Here

Do I have to use my old insole with JMAC?

No. Many people prefer doubling up their insole, but it is by no means necessary.  For more in-depth instructions on proper use of JMAC insoles, Click Here

Can I use JMAC with an orthotic insole?

Yes. However, some orthotic insoles have sharp edges on the bottom. If this is the case we recommend placing JMAC inserts above your orthotic to prevent them from getting damaged.  For more in-depth instructions on proper use of JMAC insoles, Click Here

Can I wash my JMAC insert?

Absolutely. You may either hand wash it with soap and warm water, or toss it in your washing machine. Do NOT place them in the dryer, however.

How many miles can I run on the JMAC shoe inserts?

We don’t know yet! We would love to know, a current count is over 214 miles and they still look new. If you are interested in testing it out and logging the miles on them as a brand ambassador, we’d love to know the answer to this question too!

How often will I need to replace JMAC shock-absorbing shoe inserts?

It depends. The proprietary polyurethane used to make the insert is highly abrasion-resistant and durable. We can guarantee that they will outlast the shoes you put them in. 

Can I use them in multiple pairs of shoes?

Yes. However, it is important to remember that no two pairs of shoes fit the same and you’ll want to cut your JMAC insoles to fit your shoes without them moving around inside your shoes. If you have multiple pairs of shoes that fit similarly, you certainly can use the same pair of JMAC insoles in them. If you have shoes of varying sizes, we recommend purchasing shock-absorbing inserts to fit. The good news is, that unlike other shoe inserts, the JMAC insoles have superior product memory, so you won’t have to worry about your foot or shoe leaving permanent indents that would make it more challenging to transfer your inserts to different shoes. 

How do I size my JMAC shoe inserts?

Your JMAC shoe inserts will come with instructions, so don’t fret about trying to remember. But, for the sake of answering the question, your inserts will be purchased in either Small (men’s size 4-8 and women’s size 6-10) or Large (men’s size 8.5-13 and women’s size 10.5-15). You’ll remove the insoles from your shoes that fit well, place the insole over JMAC’s insert, lining up the heels. Mark on the JMAC inserts where the insole rests and cut. Put both the JMAC insert and the shoe inserts back into the shoe (it does not matter which one is on top).

What makes JMAC inserts better than foam or gel inserts?

The proprietary polyurethane has superior product memory, recovering from extreme weight and pressure. Foam does not have good memory recall and it breaks down rather quickly. Gel inserts are better than foam inserts in terms of longevity, but they, too, begin to morph under heat and pressure, struggling to return to their original shape, thus failing to continue to absorb impact over time. While they may provide some comfort for a while, they will not help evenly disperse energy, absorb shock, or prevent joint and back pain.  

What if I don’t suffer from joint or back pain?

Good! Keep ahead of it by protecting your joints and back before you have pain! As the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And, when prevention comes in the form of something so comfortable, your feet will thank you now and later. 

Can I use JMAC insoles if my feet are regularly wet?

Yes! Polyurethane is not affected by moisture, nor does it break down. Simply air dry for comfort. Polyurethane is naturally mold resistant and anti-microbial, resisting becoming home to moisture-seeking bacteria and fungus. 

Will JMAC shoe inserts make my feet sweat more?

If you wear them skin to polyurethane, they can make you sweat a little more than normal. However, they are not heat-conducting and allow your feet to breathe. So, if you wear socks or purchase our inserts that have a thin layer of fabric on them, you should be fine. 

Can I use foot powder with JMAC shoe inserts?

You can, but we do not recommend it. The powder will not cause the inserts to break down, but the powder can create a filmy barrier and may attract microbe growth. If you put your shoe’s insoles over the JMAC inserts, you can do your normal foot routine. 

Do I need to wear special socks with my shoe inserts?

No. Wear whatever socks you like. 

Where are JMAC insoles made?

Longmont, Colorado, United States. 

What kind of conditions do JMAC insoles treat or prevent?

JMAC shock-absorbing shoe inserts can help prevent nearly any impact-caused injury including shin splints, Achilles tendonitis, stress fractures, patellofemoral pain syndrome, patellar tendonitis, iliotibial band syndrome, rheumatic diseases, and sciatica. We can not claim to treat any condition, but those customers who suffered from joint and back pain have stated they found relief from their pain by using JMAC shoe inserts.

Will these inserts make me run further or faster?

While we cannot guarantee that you will become a better runner or athlete of any kind, we can confidently say you will be more comfortable, and therefore more able to push yourself. And, with practice and effort, any athlete can become better. 

What if my shoe’s insoles are not removable?

If your shoe’s insoles are not removable, that’s okay! It may be slightly more difficult to perform sizing, as you’ll have to use the sole of the shoe and slowly size it. JMAC insoles can be placed right on top of the shoe’s insole. 

Will the JMAC insole support my fallen arches?

JMAC shock-absorbing shoe inserts are tapered in thickness for heel to toe comfort, but they do not feature raised arches. The polyurethane will support your feet as they are without warping or denting. You can use arch support devices in conjunction with your JMAC insoles for additional arch support. 

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