I Bought a Pair of JMAC Insoles and This Is What Happened

There I was, scrolling through my social media feed when I noticed a well-placed social retargeting ad for these polymer shoe inserts that claim to help reduce joint and back pain. As if the ad could feel the pain surging through my back and down my legs that had been caused by more than a decade of endurance running that had come to an abrupt halt almost six months ago due to an Achilles tendon issue caused by compensating for an overused patella — running is high-impact that my aging joints don’t seem to appreciate. Normally, I skip right over online ads, but something about this one spoke to me. The JMAC Shock-Absorbing Shoe Inserts use Americule Impact Material (AIM™), which is an ultra-soft thermoelastic polymer. Okay, so what does all that mean? It sounded more sciency than any other insole I’ve purchased from the local pharmacy, so I took the bait, clicked the link, and journeyed down a rabbit hole of learning.

What is Americule Impact Material (AIM™) Anyway?

AIM is the proprietary thermoelastic polymer developed by the Americule chemists for products that require great impact resistance. And, by high resistance, they meant the ability to withstand more than 200 G-forces of pressure while absorbing 92% of the force upon impact. I know, all this science talk is hard to picture, but check out this video https://youtu.be/1TLt7NFlD9U. Whoa.

Once a Skeptic, Always a Skeptic

In typical me fashion, I couldn’t just jump right in a purchase a pair, so I nosed around the internet to find what others who had already taken the leap had to say about them. I couldn’t find a single mediocre review and everyone who took the time to share their experience seemed overwhelmingly pleased with the product, including one lady’s horse! 100% of customers couldn’t be wrong. See what they have to say for yourself, too:

Americule AIM™ Insoles (the pre-JMAC days — insoles in their infancy trial days) Testimonials
JMAC Insole Online Reviews 
Facebook Reviews

Taking the Leap

I trusted the strangers on the internet and the science behind the product and purchased my own pair — with free next-day shipping! It was 11 pm on a Sunday night when I decided to purchase the insoles. On Tuesday when I checked my mail, the flat rate envelope with my JMAC inserts was there. I rushed inside and immediately set about checking them out and I have to tell you, the material feels so neat, it took me a few minutes before I got down to the business of making them my personal shoe inserts.

Fitting and Feeling

I popped the insole of my chosen shoes out, put them over my JMAC inserts, and traced with a Sharpie. Then, I cut the JMAC inserts down to size and inserted them into my shoes. I replaced the factory shoe insole and put my shoes on. It was as if my shoes were brand new and of much better quality than they actually were. They were more comfortable than the day I bought them. I jumped, I hopped, I stomped, and I was comfortable. To give them the real trial, I leashed up my pup and we headed out for a walk.

Yes, my feet were more comfortable in their squishy new home, but what I was most impressed with was the fact that the inserts didn’t slide around or bunch up the way every other insert I’ve ever tried has. And, I had been concerned about extra sweating since this polymer material was not very breathable, but with the fabric lining and my shoe insole on top of it, there was no extra heat or moisture. My feet were comfortable.

After our impromptu 2.5-mile walk/jog I was home, and my bum knee wasn’t retaliating! I can’t (legally) claim that my JMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe Inserts are the miracle cure to my runner’s knee, but I can say I didn’t need ibuprofen. So, I vacuumed the house with my shoes on and then did some yard work, waiting to see if my normal pain would catch up to me. It didn’t.

Happily Ever After?

I am happy to say that two pairs of (running!) shoes later, my JMAC insoles and I are still going strong. I haven’t found their limit, and am pushing to find mine. I’ve resumed marathon training after thinking those days were gone with my 20s. If you spend any amount of time on your feet, it’s time to take your own leap of faith and try the shoe inserts that will bring comfort to your soles. Made right here in the United States, Americules is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to helping people like you and me keep moving comfortably. Connect with them online today.