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At JMAC, we bring superior shock absorbing insoles made of our proprietary polyurethane formulation from our parent company, Americule, to the shoes of athletes. For comfort, for injury prevention, and to allow you to go the extra mile in training and life. Whether you are an endurance runner, a pole vaulter, or you are an avid fourteener, we are here for your feet. Our insoles can fit in any shoe, maximizing the comfort and displacing shock energy with each step so that you can go further, more comfortably. To try them on for yourself, connect with us today!

Our Products

This version of our flagship product sports an antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, non-allergenic top fabric for comfort and quality.

“A few weeks ago I suffered a foot injury from playing volleyball. I took the insoles out of my sneaker and put it in the boot- such a difference! It was so much more comfortable to walk in the boot after adding the JMAC for comfort.” — Hawley


Out-Run Your Joint Pain

We are looking at you — the casual fun-run 5k-er, the serious ultramarathoner, and the Olympic-hopeful track star! Whether you casually jog for fitness or you are a serious endurance athlete, all runners are prone to the same injuries, and most of them are the result of high-impact shock absorbed by the body’s joints. With the right shoes and runner’s insoles from JMAC, you can help redistribute the shock-energy and put your best foot forward with each bound. The best part about JMAC shock-absorbing insoles is that they fit in any shoe so you can continue to sport your favorite brand and style.

For road racers, trail runners, and track and field stars, you’ll find comfort for your soles with JMAC insoles.

Endurance Athletes

Push Further, Faster for Longer and Harder!

Whether you are a five-time Ironman or an avid spin class attendee, the one thing every endurance athlete can benefit from is support of their joints and shock-absorbing insoles to take the pressure off their bodies. JMAC shock-absorbing insoles offer just that, and more! For endurance athletes, proper footwear is a non-negotiable, so a shoe insert that can fit in anything is priority. JMAC insoles can be used with current insoles or replace inserts for a comfortable fit in any shoe. Additionally, the antimicrobial materials that are completely washable make them the best shoe inserts for athletes who spend hours sweating into their footwear!

Because our shock-absorbing absorbing insoles are made with polyurethane, we have yet to find the wear-out point for endurance sports. Try a pair out for yourself and let us know how many miles you log on them!



Leaps and Bounds Better Than the Competition

High-intensity interval training is popular these days and requires a LOT of jumping and quick change of position to exert maximal energy in an effort to burn the most calories. These high-intensity movements result in a lot of bodily stress and poorly absorbed shock can result in joint injury, especially when you are tired. Whether you are training for the CrossFit games, to be the next American Ninja Warrior, or you simply frequent HIIT classes at the gym, get the shoe inserts that help disperse shock energy and allow you to get those extra box jumps in! JMAC insoles absorb nearly 92% of shock associated with impact — that’s a LOT!

For the inserts that can keep up with you and won’t break down, try JMAC shock-absorbing insoles.

“216.45 miles running on them and they are still doing well! My knees love them!” — HawleyKristine O.


Hike in comfort and confidence in your favorite pair of hiking boots. Whether you are a casual hiker or a professional mountain climber, you need the fight footwear to protect you for the duration of your climb. The rough terrain is no match for the durability and superior shock-absorbing qualities of JMAC shoe inserts.


Golfers are known for spending the entire day walking the greens — it’s par for the course. At Americule, we believe that you should only use a cart for convenience and to extend your play, not because you’re uncomfortable! JMAC shoe insoles are perfect for your driving shoes and absorb more than just shock. The breathable fabric is antimicrobial and is impervious to sweat, allowing you to feel fresh the entire course.

Team Sports

Are you a soccer star, a football player, or MVP of your volleyball or basketball team? Every team sport requires a lot of the individual athletes and many sports are full of high-impact moments. Stay on your feet longer and support your teammates better when you’ve got the comfort and protection of JMAC’s running insoles.

Alternative Sports

We didn’t forget about our hockey players, snowboarders, and figure skaters! As native Coloradans, the Americule team takes pride in offering superior foot comfort to athletes of all kinds! Because JMAC inserts can fit anywhere an insole does, your boots and skates are no exception. Discover the comfort and shock-absorption for yourself!


As an athlete, you are inundated with products, supplements, and clothing/footwear that promise to help you reach your full potential. We completely understand why you’d be skeptical, and we are here for it!

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Made by Americule

Americule is a manufacturer of extreme abrasion-resistant elastomeric urethane products. By applying the technology and readapting it into something as functional as shoe inserts for athletes, we created JMAC shock-absorbing runner’s insoles. Discover the unparalleled comfort of our shoe inserts for yourself and go the extra mile with Americule in your stride!

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I’ve been wearing your inserts religiously, and they still feel like I’m walking on clouds! They’re very comfortable for my every day use, but most especially for my workdays.”

– Tyler P.

“A few weeks ago I suffered a foot injury from playing volleyball. I took the insoles out of my sneaker and put it in the boot- such a difference! It was so much more comfortable to walk in the boot after adding the JMAC for comfort.”


“216.45 miles running on them and they are still doing well! My knees love them!”

– Kristine O.