JMAC Shoe Inserts

Foot Wear for Service Members

At JMAC, we are proud to support those who serve. As an American brand who manufactures all of their products in the USA, we are proud to bring comfort to the members of our military — and their families. For wear in your running shoes, duty boots, and uniform dress shoes, these versatile shoe inserts are as durable as you are. Made as tough as our Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen are, our shoe inserts for military members are for all active duty, Reserve, National Guard, Coast Guard, Veterans, government contractors, and military families across the nation. In boots, running shoes, and dress shoes, they are the next best things to clean socks. To try them on for yourself, connect with us today!

Our Products

This version of our flagship product sports an antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, non-allergenic top fabric for comfort and quality.

Thank You Service Members

At Americule, we are forever grateful for the men and women in uniform who selflessly answer the call to protect our nation and bring democracy to the world. From everyone at JMAC by Americule, thank you for your service. 

“216.45 miles running on them and they are still doing well! My knees love them!” 
~ Kristine O. 

In Training

When you are giving it your all on the PT field, you need the support and comfort that can outlast your running shoes. Train harder, run faster, dig deeper, climb higher, and prevent injury when you add JMAC insoles to your physical training sneakers. Completely washable and antimicrobial, your feet will stay dry and comfortable no matter how long your workout is.

In Garrison

Day-to-day, you are in your duty boots more than you’re not, so it’s important that they’re comfortable. For your issued or purchased uniform boots, the JMAC shock-absorbing shoe insoles can be used in addition to your boot insoles or can completely replace them. March in comfort with polyurethane inserts that are designed for all-day comfort.

In Austere Environments

Headed overseas? Bring along the boot inserts that will last your entire deployment, optimizing your comfort. From the mountains of Afghanistan to the desert of Kuwait, or the cramped underbelly of a sea vessel, the JMAC insoles are ideal in any environment. With unparalleled impact resistance, shock-absorption, and product memory, these are inserts that can keep up.

In Your Best Dressed

We know that it’s not all training and working, but also tradition and ceremony when you put on your best dress mess. For dress footwear that is neither functional nor comfortable, that you’re required to stand in for too long, slide in a pair of JMAC insoles and enjoy the event in comfort. Cut-to-fit and made to supplement or replace insoles, they are sure to fit just right.

JMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe Inserts

Proudly made in Colorado, USA

 Unparalleled Impact Reduction

JMAC Shock Absorbing Inserts absorb 92% of force, dissipating energy that would otherwise impact your body.

 Heel to Toe Comfort

0.25 inch to 0.125 inch tapered design for full foot impact reduction.

 Superior Durability

JMAC's unique proprietary polymer formulation allows it to outlast even the best shoe inserts, which break down with each step.

      Antimicrobial Fabric

     Recovery5-Ultra™ is antimicrobial,
    antibacterial, antifungal
     and non-allergenic.

Quick Recovery

JMAC inserts have an excellent product memory. They return to their original shape between steps, making every step as comfortable as the first.


  Wash by hand with soap and
   warm water or machine wash.
   Do not machine dry.

Made by Americule

Americule is a manufacturer of extreme abrasion-resistant elastomeric urethane products, and proud to be made in Colorado, USA. By applying the technology and readapting it into something as functional as shoe inserts for service members, we created JMAC shock-absorbing insoles. Our small, family-owned and operated manufacturing company values God, families (ours and yours), and the freedoms our fathers and grandfathers fought for and won for our country. We take pride in our work, and our JMAC shoe inserts are made entirely in the United States. Thank you for your service, and please accept our support.

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