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At Americule, we are excited to support those who spend their days on their feet, serving the needs and requests of others. For servers, bar tenders, baristas, tradesmen, flight attendants, customer service agents, hair stylists, housekeepers, and more, we offer unparalleled support in any footwear! Use JMAC shock-absorbing insoles in your heels, boots, shoes, and uniform shoes; our polymer inserts are made to keep up with you while keeping you comfortable. Made from polyurethane and covered with an antimicrobial fabric, they can withstand the pressures of your day. To try them on for yourself, shop today!

Our Products

This version of our flagship product sports an antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, non-allergenic top fabric for comfort and quality.

I have not been able to stand for very long because my feet and knees would kill me. With these insoles I’ve been able to stand longer and walk farther. LIFEChanger !!! ~ Judy K.


The job of a server is never done, and is one that is tough and thankless. You are on your feet, hustling, all shift long, catering to other people’s relentless demands. To help keep you comfortable, we created tapered shoe inserts made with superior durability for comfort even in the most stressful conditions. Whatever the day may bring, you can rest assured your insoles will help absorb the stress.  

Guest Service Agents

As the face of your company, you spend your day smiling and greeting guests, ready to respond to anything. You don’t have time for high maintenance comfort or fashion that fails to provide support. JMAC Shock-Absorbing insoles are designed to fit in place of any shoe insole and absorb 92% of shock from impact. This means you can be on your feet serving others without pain or discomfort.

Child Care Providers

As those responsible for taking care of the young, your days are full of active movement with little rest. Whether it’s chasing little ones for play or to protect them from hazards, you have to be nimble on your feet. You’ve got no time for foot or joint pain that slows you down, causes you to hesitate, or forces you to lose a game of tag. Our ultra-comfortable shoe inserts fit in any shoe. Tapered for all day heel-to-toe comfort, you can keep up all day!

Personal Care Providers

As a personal care provider — masseuse, hair stylist, nail technician, etc. — you provide the comfort services that make others feel relaxed and rejuvenated. JMAC insoles serve to repay the offer to you! With superior product memory, each step will feel as comfortable as the first. Durable and antimicrobial, these insoles are the perfect pamper partner. Shock-absorbent and comfortable, our shoe inserts were made for you.

Travel & Transportation Services

For the flight attendants, tour guides, train and bus agents, and more, you spend all day catering to the needs of passengers and ensuring their comfort. On your feet serving others puts incredible stress on your body. In a role where you’ve got no time to slow down or take a break, the heel-to-toe comfort offered by JMAC insoles is unbeatable. 


The unsung heroes of our communities are housekeepers and the cleanup crews! You spend all day on your feet keeping everything clean and sanitized to improve customer comfort and protect the health and safety of neighbors. Let Americule offer you antimicrobial shoe inserts that provide comfort and support where you need it most — your sole.

Special Events & Entertainment

From security at concert venues, wedding planners, and festival coordinators, you’ve got a lot to manage to ensure every event is special. For the caterers, servers, and hosts, everyone at the event could benefit from the comfort and protection that JMAC insoles offer. Because they are antimicrobial and covered with fabric, you can kick your feet up confidently at the end of the day.  

Bartenders & Baristas

You spend your entire shift on your feet, concocting the perfect drink for your customers to indulge in. Scrambling for glasses and ingredients, filling coolers and cleaning machines, there’s never a dull moment or time to rest. While you worry about catering to the needs of others, JMAC is committed to providing comfort with every step with tapered heel-to-toe comfort. 


As a dedicated employee in the service industry, your passion and livelihood depend on your ability to keep up with the demands of your customers. Regardless of what footwear your job requires, JMAC insoles are the best option on the market. Here’s why:

 Unparalleled Impact Reduction

JMAC Shock Absorbing Inserts absorb 92% of force, dissipating energy that would otherwise impact your body.

 Heel to Toe Comfort

0.25 inch to 0.125 inch tapered design for full foot impact reduction.

 Superior Durability

JMAC's unique proprietary polymer formulation allows it to outlast even the best shoe inserts, which break down with each step.

      Antimicrobial Fabric

     Recovery5-Ultra™ is antimicrobial,
    antibacterial, antifungal
     and non-allergenic.

Quick Recovery

JMAC inserts have an excellent product memory. They return to their original shape between steps, making every step as comfortable as the first.


  Wash by hand with soap and
   warm water or machine wash.
   Do not machine dry.

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Made by Americule

Americule is an American manufacturer of extreme abrasion-resistant elastomeric urethane products for various applications. We realized the potential in our products and reapplied the technology into something functional – shock-absorbing shoe inserts! Our Colorado family-owned and operated company values community and those who serve others. We take pride in our work and our products, and our JMAC shoe inserts are made entirely in the United States. We want to be there every step of the way, making you comfortable while you cater to the wants of others.