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JMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe Inserts are made from Americule Impact Material (AIM™), one of the world’s softest moldable polyurethane. AIM™ absorbs massive amounts of impact, dissipating the energy like water. Folks are already experiencing first-hand the effects of using this revolutionary material. Here’s what JMAC users are saying:

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  1. Rene Breivik (verified owner)

    ordered these on Tuesday night and by Thursday I had them in my shoes! I made the mistake of standing on them on my carpet and they got covered in dog hair. I was hoping I hadn’t ruined them, but read the instructions and simply rinsed them off, good as new! So comfortable, I’ve even started wearing my shoes in the house so I can keep the insoles on!
    Thank you!

    JMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe InsertJMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe Insert

  2. Hawley Vining

    I am a wedding planner. Based on a recommendation- I threw a pair of JMAC insoles into my shoes on a weekend where I had back to back weddings. Best decision I made this summer! During a wedding I am on my feet for 14 hours straight- walking on concrete, gravel and grass. Before using JMAC after about 8 hours in my lower back usually starts spasming, the day after a wedding I could barely walk from my ankles being sore, lower back pain, and my legs being exhausted. After wearing JMAC during that first wedding- I noticed a huge difference! My back was great – no pains with my feet or legs – I rolled out of bed without a problem. Handling back to back weddings is no longer a worry!

    A few weeks ago I suffered a foot injury from playing volleyball. I took the insoles out of my sneaker and put it in the boot- such a difference! It was so much more comfortable to walk in the boot after adding the JMAC for comfort.

    JMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe InsertJMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe Insert

  3. Tyler Pangborn

    Hello It’s Tyler from Get Up and Go Kayaking. I’ve been wearing your inserts religiously, and they still feel like I’m walking on clouds! They’re very comfortable for my every day use, but most especially for my workdays on the river. My knees and feet feel great, even by the end of a long work day. Now I don’t know how much this will be able to help my tendonitis problem in the long term, but after 4 years, this is the closest thing to a break-through in helping with my ongoing physical therapy. I’m more than happy to share my words of praise to help get your product some more momentum, just let me know how best I can help!
    My sincerest thanks and praise,

    JMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe InsertJMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe Insert

  4. Chris

    I’ve gone through a lot of different insoles in my life. As a T1 diabetic with neuropathy, my feet and legs always feel like they are being stabbed by tiny knives. But after tossing these in, I can go through an entire day’s work with only mild discomfort! My feet feel 20 years younger, I love it.

    JMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe InsertJMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe Insert

  5. Lesley

    A few years back I injured my knee at work and got screwed over by the company. I’ve been living with pain ever since. Some days when I get home I can barely make it up the few stairs to my door. These insoles took that pain down by more than half!

    JMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe InsertJMAC Shock Absorbing Shoe Insert