Thank You, COVID-19 Essential Workers

When JMAC got started, we used Americule’s proprietary polyurethane materials to make shock-absorbing insoles with those who stand on their feet all day in mind. At the forefront of our thoughts were those who keep America running — now, simply referred to as “essential workers.” We created our insoles to absorb the force and shock of continually walking or standing, like construction workers, food service, grocery store clerks, and healthcare workers. Now, more than ever, we know the stress you are enduring, and we thank you.

Healthcare Workers

The global pandemic currently facing the world has made us all take a second look at what is important and identify the differences between need and want. For those healthcare workers who don’t have a choice but to be gowned and gloved, on their feet, taking care of those who COVID-19 has hit hardest, they truly understand how precious every minute is and are acutely aware of every aching joint in their body. While they push through the discomfort to respond to the needs of others, we are here to offer a solution.

Our JMAC polymer shoe inserts are created with superior durability and a tapered design for all-day comfort. The excellent product memory recall ensures that they will feel brand new 12 hours into your shift. The antimicrobial properties and the fact that they are completely washable help ease your mind about their role in preventing the spread of a virus as well as protecting your feet from the inevitable sweat produced over a long, stressful shift. The best part is, they can go in any shoe. So, whether you are wearing running shoes, nurse’s clogs, firemen’s boots, or canvas flats, our insoles have you protected while you protect the vulnerable.

Grocery Store Clerks

We can bet that never in a million years would you have appreciated how truly significant your job is. While it has always been an essential part of daily living, now more than ever, people have taken notice. When people can no longer stop by their favorite bar or restaurant on the way home, and there is no coffee bar at work to go grab a cup of joe, while people are sheltered in place and forced to fend for themselves, the shelves are emptying as fast as you can fill them. With the pandemic hitting everyone everywhere, food items are not as plentiful, and trucks that bring them are delayed, and you, on the front lines making sure everyone gets what they need as fast as you can. You, coming into contact with everyone because you cannot work from home. You, standing long hours to stock shelves or ring up items, we see you, and thank you.

Our shock-absorbing shoe inserts are meant to be walked on or stepped on all day long and hold up to the test by absorbing more than 92% of the force that your back and joints would otherwise endure. This means that you can stand comfortably for longer periods of time and do what needs to be done. These shoe inserts can be cut to fit any shoe you wear and their superior durability makes it an almost guarantee that they will outlast the shoes you put them in.

Comfort For Your Soles

For everyone else still logging the hours to keep America running despite a shutdown, we here at JMAC thank you. To show our appreciation, right now all of our shock-absorbing shoe inserts are 30% off with free next-day shipping. Proudly made in Colorado, United States by a family-owned and operated company, we are here to support those who support our nation. Visit us online to learn more about our insoles and discover the benefits for yourself today.