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Reducing Injury and Improving Performance in Athletes

In athletes, especially endurance athletes like runners, injury caused by continual impact is common. In fact, it is estimated that more than 70% of runners will sustain at least one impact-related injury this year — 43% of which will be knee injuries. Training doesn’t have to be painful, and the sport you love doesn’t have to be a punishment. You could cross-train more OR you could let JMAC insoles absorb 92% of the impact!


High-impact sports, including running, cause trauma on weight-bearing joints of the body including feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. The superior durability and quick recovery of the material in JMAC insoles helps reduce joint injury caused by the stress of impact by absorbing the impact. It is important to note, insoles will not reduce sports injuries related to overstretching or twisting. 


Self Care While You Care For Others

Medical professionals work long hours and rarely have the time to take breaks. The stress of the job, coupled with the physical demands of being on your feet your entire shift while bending to care for patients and potentially assisting with transfer of patients or equipment can take a toll on your feet. Specialty medical shoes provide some support and can help reduce the impact, but adding JMAC insoles offers additional benefits. 

JMAC shoe inserts can help reduce the impact of standing on concrete and tile floors all day, absorb the shock of continual movement, and are created with Recovery5-Ultra™ for antimicrobial support. Combat bacteria and fungus that are common in warm, moist environments, like the sealed shoes of a healthcare worker. For self care that doesn’t take away from your patients, but helps you provide better care in comfort, try JMAC insoles today!

Supporting Those Who Serve

Public service is one of the most noble professions a person can enter, spending their lives protecting their communities. For public servants like firefighters, law enforcement, and military service members, tactical footwear doesn’t breathe well, and the nature of the job requires unpredictable amounts of time on your feet. For those servants such as educators, corrections officers, and government officials, long hours on your feet can result in on-the-job injuries that could otherwise be avoided. 

JMAC insoles are created for those who log the long hours on their feet. The superior durability of the proprietary polymer inserts outlast even the best shoe inserts on the market. If you are on your feet all day, let us serve your feet while you serve others. Try JMAC shock absorbing insoles today.

Comfort For Your Service Sole

Service industry workers are among some of the hardest workers in the United States, attempting to keep up with the demands of their clients in fast-paced environments where walking is a must. Those in the service industry are usually pulled in a hundred different directions and are aimed to please rather than looking out for their own comfort. Additionally, to keep a professional appearance in client-facing roles, not much footwear is designed to keep up with the physical demands of the job. 

JMAC shock absorbing insoles are here for those who serve others. Use these super durable shoe inserts in addition to other products or use them to replace your insoles. They are completely washable to help reduce the smell and bacteria left behind by a stressful day at work. Wear inside boots, shoes, loafers, and even heels for superior heel to toe comfort, all day.

Take the Next Step in Your Career

Retail jobs, like most other service positions, are full of long days on your feet. Whether you work on the floor as a sales associate or you stand in one place behind your cash register all day, the impact on your body is similar. Standing for 40+ hours a week is bound to negatively impact your back and joints, leaving you with aching feet. Americule’s shoe inserts offer heel to toe comfort with a unique tapered design for full foot impact reduction. Stand more comfortably and offer service with a smile when you provide comfort to your soles. 

Keep up with the demands of the job while exceeding customer expectations when your joints and back are cared for with the durability of polymer inserts. Add them to any pair of shoes you wear to work and wash when you need to. Stay comfortable and land the sales with the support of JMAC shoe inserts.

Unparalleled Impact Reduction Gets The Job Done

Construction, whether you’re a heavy equipment operator on the dirt crew, or a foreman on a residential housing project, requires you to be as tough as the steel toed boots you wear. Long hours in a labor intensive job leaves no time for nursing aches and pains that come with the territory. From walking on uneven terrain and hauling heavy materials, your job demands a lot out of you. We think it’s only fair for you to demand just as much from your insoles. 

JMAC shock absorbing shoe inserts are virtually indestructible and have superior memory recall, resuming their original shape no matter how much pressure they endure. Made with shock absorbing polyurethane and antimicrobial Recovery5-Ultra™, our insoles make the perfect addition to your work boot, and are sure to outlast them. Providing comfort for your sole and reducing workplace injury, your feet will thank you for investing in a pair of JMAC shoe inserts.

Keeping Production Lines Moving

In the industrial manufacturing industry from fabrication to factory assembly lines and warehouse storage and shipping, the physical demands of the jobs involved are high. There is little availability to sit on the job and long hours of repetitive motion are common. To avoid downtime, breaks are infrequent and not dictated by your foot or back comfort. For all those keeping production moving, JMAC shock absorbing shoe inserts are here to help. 

Proudly created by those in the manufacturing industry with the very materials the creators were producing, these shoe inserts are right off Colorado assembly lines. The durable polyurethane can bear your weight, absorbing the shock on your body and distributing weight evenly and dissipating energy to reduce joint and back pain during a long day on the line. Your JMAC insoles offer superior heel to toe comfort, so standing on a concrete floor all day will feel like walking on a supportive mattress. Try your own pair on today, your feet will thank you.

I’ve gone through a lot of different insoles in my life. As a T1 diabetic with neuropathy, my feet and legs always feel like they are being stabbed by tiny knives. But after tossing these in, I can go through an entire day’s work with only mild discomfort! My feet feel 20 years younger, I love it.

A few weeks ago I suffered a foot injury from playing volleyball. I took the insoles out of my sneaker and put it in the boot- such a difference! It was so much more comfortable to walk in the boot after adding the JMAC for comfort.

62 Miles and still look new! My knees love them!

Made by Americule

Americule is a long time producer of extreme abrasion resistant polyurethane products.

Taking the technology applied in the manufacturing industry and applying it to something practical like shoe insoles, thus emerged JMAC shock absorbing shoe inserts. Harness the unbeatable power of polyurethane in a shock absorbing insole. Your feet will thank you.

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