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Comfort Step Insoles For Laborers

At Americule, we know full well that the laborers are the backbone of our nation and communities. Without the hard work and skilled talents of construction workers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, heavy equipment operators, carpenters, welders, masons, iron workers, technicians, and more, our communities would, quite literally, crumble. Not only do laborers provide invaluable services to their communities, but they do at the expense of their own bodily comfort. Laborers typically work 50 to 60 hours each week, and don’t often have time for breaks or sitting down. Steel-toed boots keep feet safe from working hazards, but do little to keep feet and joints comfortable. That’s where JMAC insoles come in!

Use JMAC shock-absorbing insoles in any boots or shoes. Our polymer inserts are made to keep up with you while keeping you comfortable. Made from polyurethane and covered with an antimicrobial fabric, they can withstand the pressures of your day. To try them on for yourself, shop online today!

Our Products

This version of our flagship product sports an antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, non-allergenic top fabric for comfort and quality.

Thank You Laborers

Always there, putting in the hours and sweat equity, you are dedicated to the building and improvement of your community. At JMAC by Americule, we recognize and appreciate your hard work and relentless efforts. Rain or shine, we can count on you to show up, and you can count on us to be there supporting you.  

“I did a lot of research on finding the perfect insole. I work on concrete all day and need something good. These are great. I only wish they came in wide and were just a little more thicker. Other than that, less foot aches! Highly recommended.” ~ Lia P.

Construction Workers

The job of a construction worker is tough! You are on your feet, laboring away for long hours at a time, and.on uneven terrain and infrastructure that never provides a comfortable standing or walking environment. To help keep you comfortable, we created tapered boot inserts made with superior durability for relief in even the most stressful conditions.

Equipment Operator

Heavy equipment operators navigate the worksite in large vehicles all day long. Over various terrain, in and out of their equipment, working with the ground crew, equipment operating is no office job! JMAC Shock-Absorbing insoles are designed to fit in place of any shoe insole and absorb 92% of shock from impact. This means you can work without pain or discomfort.

Mechanic & Technician

Mechanics and technicians of all kinds — auto, HVAC, etc. — never have two days that are the same and never know when they’ll have a chance to get off their feet. Our ultra-comfortable shoe inserts fit inside any boot or shoe to ensure support, no matter what the day brings. Tapered for all day heel-to-toe comfort, you can keep up all day!

Plumber & Electrician

Plumbers and electricians are skilled laborers in high demand. From quick tune-ups or diagnostic tests, to large multi-day projects, you do it all! JMAC is here to ensure your feet and joints aren’t the reason the job doesn’t get done! With superior product memory, each step will feel as comfortable as the first. Durable and antimicrobial, these insoles are the perfect co-worker.

“I’ve gone through a lot of different insoles in my life. As a T1 diabetic with neuropathy, my feet and legs always feel like they are being stabbed by tiny knives. But after tossing these in, I can go through an entire day’s work with only mild discomfort! My feet feel 20 years younger, I love it.”
~ Chris

Carpenter & Mason

Precision and skill are the foundations of your trade while comfort and relaxing are not. For those who focus on the project at hand instead of their own needs, Let Americule offer you anti-microbial shoe inserts that provide comfort and support where you need it most — your sole. For heel-to-toe support that lasts all day, try JMAC insoles.

Foreman & Site Manager

As the direct supervisors of labor crews, you have the stress of answering to both the project managers and your crew. From site safety checks and ensuring the job gets done, your body carries the weight of your profession. For those who spend hours on their feet in steel-toed boots, you deserve inserts that absorb shock, are moisture-wicking and provide comfort to your feet and joints.

Ironworker & Welder

Heavy metals and hot conditions leave ironworkers and welders working long hours on their feet in boots that don’t breathe. We’d like to offer a solution that helps keep your feet and joints pain-free and reduces sweat. JMAC shoe inserts fit in any shoe and offer tapered heel-to-toe comfort and durability.  


A landscaper’s job is never done! When your daily routine includes bending, lifting, digging, cutting, hauling, moving, planting, picking, mowing, and blowing, you have no time for joint pain! JMAC shoe inserts absorb 92% of the impact shock to take pressure off joints and allow you to beautify your community all day long! 

Why Choose JMAC Insoles?

In the labor industry, we understand that you are presented with products that promise to improve your safety while on the job. We completely understand why you’d be skeptical, and we are here to prove that our shock-absorbing insoles really are the best on the market — in whatever footwear you choose.

 Unparalleled Impact Reduction

JMAC Shock Absorbing Inserts absorb 92% of force, dissipating energy that would otherwise impact your body.

 Heel to Toe Comfort

0.25 inch to 0.125 inch tapered design for full foot impact reduction.

 Superior Durability

JMAC's unique proprietary polymer formulation allows it to outlast even the best shoe inserts, which break down with each step.

      Antimicrobial Fabric

     Recovery5-Ultra™ is antimicrobial,
    antibacterial, antifungal
     and non-allergenic.

Quick Recovery

JMAC inserts have an excellent product memory. They return to their original shape between steps, making every step as comfortable as the first.


  Wash by hand with soap and
   warm water or machine wash.
   Do not machine dry.

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Americule is a Colorado-based manufacturer of extreme abrasion-resistant elastomeric urethane products for industrial use. We noticed the potential in our products and reapplied the technology into something functional – impact absorbing insoles! Whether you spend the days in heavy work boots and your weekends in running shoes, or you simply want to ease the pressure on your joints day-to-day, Americule is proud to support working-class America. Visit JMAC online to try out your shock-absorbing insoles today and browse Americule online to learn more about our products and company.